5 Reasons Why I Love to Train with Muay Thai

Training with a Martial Art has been a wonderful experience for me, and I can’t get enough. One of the best known and most effective standing fighting styles, Muay Thai is a striking martial art that utilizes attacks from the fists, elbows, knees, and feet. And here’s why it’s my favorite way to train my body:

1. A Strong Shot of Cardio

The cardio-intensive training offered by Muay Thai remains unmatched. When I learnt that this martial art burns about 1000 calories in a single session, I knew it was the best way for me to get a lean body and boost my stamina and cardio-vascular health.

2. It’s an Excellent Way to Train Muscles

Not only does Muay Thai burn calories, but it also trains various muscle groups of my body, increasing my core, as well as overall strength. Most of the movements of this sport are rotational, which works the abdominal muscles, while the kicks and footwork of Muay Thai strengthen the lower body. It’s truly the best full-body muscle-strengthening workout.

3. Fosters Self-discipline like Nothing Else

This is probably my favourite thing about Muay Thai. As with any martial art, Muay Thai cultivates self-discipline. The slow nature of progress has taught me consistency and patience. It’s only with these two that one begins to see gradual changes and an increase in strength and stamina. The self-discipline cultivated by this sport finds its way into all aspects of my life, including my work and goals.

4. It’s an Amazing Stress Buster

As an ambitious, hard-working entrepreneur who settles for nothing less than perfection and excellence, my work can often be stressful and pose challenges. The practice of Muay Thai helps me channel my energies in a healthy way and deal with these stresses effectively. The cardio-heavy nature of this sport provokes a rush of stress-fighting endorphins and ups my mood and energy levels for the day! I couldn’t love it more!

5. Improves Balance

Since several Muay Thai moves involve standing on one leg, it drastically improves my sense of balance. The sport forces me to take complete control of my body. This undoubtedly extends to my life.

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