Fight Your Anxiety and Isolation during Quarantine; It isn’t that Hard, Trust Me

Since the WHO announced the COVID-19 outbreak, we have become captive in our own homes. Even those who are not infected by the virus are locked inside, fearing they might unintentionally play a massive role in the pandemic. This has also taken a heavy toll on our lives. Self-isolation, information overload, and panic over the scarcity of resources are leading to unchecked anxiety and depression.

Lockdown or not, the thoughts about venturing outside smell like trouble and so, many of us will prefer to remain grounded somewhat further.

If you’re of the thinking – Rohit Reddy is a businessman. What does he know about depression and isolation? – believe me; we have all been there. While I may have been similarly depressed as you, I focussed on a few pointers which helped me move over the wreathing negative thoughts during these months. These may very well be what your upset self needs.

First of all, instead of rethinking how you are stuck indoors, tell yourself ‘I can pay attention to myself and my home.’

As long as you allow thoughts of desolation and melancholy to hover around you, that is all you will be feeling. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to redirect your lost attention from the outside to the inside. A simple act of productivity a day will undoubtedly reinforce your positivity. Take a look at the tasks you have been avoiding; restart, resume or do something you missed the chance to do before.

When I began to regain focus, I rediscovered my long-lost hobbies which go beyond my skills as a real estate developer. Once I knew what I have to do, I found joy in the little things.

Secondly, home is where the heart is – take a good look at your indoor arrangement. It might need a change.

With uncertainty lurking outside, it is time to reorganise the inside. A messy home leads to a confused mind. As you spend most of the time indoors, your home is bound to experience your presence, which means it might need tidying up. Clean your rooms and try rearranging the placement of furniture and other objects. A cluttered home can give you a hard time, making you feel uneasy and claustrophobic.

I had much fun redoing my sweet little room. It almost made me feel like I have newly moved in.

Uncalled for, but you may want to stop obsessing over the frequent pandemic coverage

You cannot help but check the news often to learn about the ongoing Coronavirus status. On an average day, it might have had been different. But, without social obligations and the usual workload, you have plenty of time. My advice is that you do not use it on the endless coverage as this will only add to your stress levels.

Accepting the fact that this virus is going to be around for a few more months, I have focussed on the other things in hand. One moment I’m changing the lightbulb, the next moment I’m looking for new home fitness regiments.

Depression can be the worst state of mind. It cannot be cured by medicines but self-loving. Indulge in activities you love doing at home. This way, you can uproot your negative thoughts and plant fresh and positive ones.