It’s my consistent endeavor to plan my day to include Work, Diet, Relaxation, Workouts and to make it all ultra-effective. I strongly believe that no matter how busy we think we are or how challenging things may be; we can still manage to enjoy a cool lifestyle, without losing out on any productivity. Here are a few simple tips that I’ve picked up over the years that I always recommend:

Set a plan for the day

If you can, spend 10 minutes every evening planning out the next day to make sure that there is nothing important that you are missing out. Better yet, you could even list down the things that you think will make your day feel like a success. This will help you assess yourself at the end of each day and make you feel more efficient and productive.

Focus on the preparing for the day

This means setting the alarm clock for well before any scheduled engagements giving you room to plan for what you’re going to do first, your attire, food and so on. Many a time, you may have even forgotten to charge your gadgets, refuel your car etc. Try doing all that you can to avoid last minute commotion, delay and the stress that comes along with it.

Warm up on waking up

With experience you will figure out the optimal sleep hours your body needs. Most people need a minimum of six hours. Plan your sleep hours and start your day by doing a few simple exercises for 10-15 minutes to loosen up and energize your stiff body.

Plan your food

What you eat during the day is very important. Start your day off with a good healthy breakfast. Make sure that your meals are both nutritious and something you enjoy. Have a healthy snack at hand at all times for when you’re hungry, but avoid sweetened confectionaries or other foods that have little nutritional value. It’s a good idea to carry along the food you plan to eat during the day.

Refocus every hour

An easy hack to maximize your productivity is to do your work in short intervals. Our brain cannot maintain concentration for more than 1 – 2 hours at a stretch. By taking frequent breaks, we actually improve our productivity.

Workout regularly

Your workouts don’t have to be long. It is better to have a plan that you can stick to, instead of an ambitious one that is challenging to adhere to. A regular workout of 30 minutes (3-5 times a week) can help you achieve optimal fitness. Build a plan which fits in comfortably with your daily routine.

Relax daily

It’s important to relax daily by doing something that is entirely different to your work or shall I say routine of the day. This could something as simple as a jog, a game of tennis, catching a movie, reading a book or just some quality time with your friends, family or even your pet!

Review your day

When you shut off your computer or wind up for the day, spend a few minutes on thinking about what worked best for you during the day and where you lost focus or got distracted. This learning will help you tweak your habits and plan a better day tomorrow.

Make sure that you tweak and modify all these elements of an effective day to fit in your own unique lifestyle!!

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