Picking up the Pieces when the Worst is Over – Amphan

The images of the massive destruction caused by Amphan has left me horrified. One after the other, India faces hits after hits. This time, it came in the form of a super cyclone.

The destruction caused by Amphan

On 20th May 2020, it wiped out thousands of homes, flooded the areas and drenched everything in heavy, continuous rain across eastern India and Bangladesh, claiming more than a hundred lives.

In India, the worst hit was taken by the states of West Bengal and Odisha; it was the most powerful storm the region has faced in over a decade. Even though the authority in both the states reportedly succeeded in evacuating more than 6.50 lakh people before the cyclone struck, a large number lost their lives that day.

Not only did it affect the people, but it also caused approximate damage of 1 trillion rupees to crops and infrastructure. Recovering from such loss is not going to be easy, and in no way, quick.

You can help the affected

I, Rohit Reddy, am a Real Estate Developer. I deal with hundreds of people on an everyday basis, and I know a thing or two about them. If there is anything the affected need the most, it is support, and I believe that the powerful people in the society can help the fallen stand back up.

One of the most important elements to remember is that those who are suffering must not be treated as victims. They have lost a lot and are probably in shock; they need assistance. I can tell you this – if you are not the victim, you are capable of helping them.

Plan a fundraiser: Whether you do it alone or join hands with an organisation, it is a great way to collect donations or raise funds that can be sent into relief zones to help the affected.

Donate to authentic disaster relief organisations: It is the best way to help disaster victims. Cash donations being flexible can be redirected to areas where it is needed the most. If you want to help in any other way, like donating equipment and supplies, you can do the same. Just look for a reputable organisation to donate.

Send essentials to loved ones in these areas: If you happen to have or know anyone from these regions, send clothes, mattresses and other important items to help them, so that they can distribute it among the suffering. Stores may be closed and they may be in dire need of essentials.

Ship supplies into recovery zones: Even if a little, with the experience I have as one of the best real estate developer, I believe the affected people need construction materials, medical supplies and machinery the most. These can help them reduce their workload and rebuild their lives once again.

Rohit Reddy’s Business doesn’t run by itself. People have stood by me even in my tough times. I have learnt one thing in all these years as a business tycoon – if you cannot stand by your people, you haven’t achieved anything. There is no bigger achievement than seeing happy faces and grateful smiles. Let’s take a step and help the victims of the Amphan disaster.