An excerpt from the article of Rohit Reddy in You & I Magazine

Fashion and fine living to RR are his mantras, an innate part of who he is.  He is completely unapologetic when it comes to flaunting his custom-made attires and lifestyle. A self-made man and extremely proud of it, he sees no reason to be modest about it. RR believes that cultivating a persona is important; he is his own brand. He takes inspiration from the likes of Richard Branson and Donald Trump, who live the big life and are the face of their businesses.

Rohit Reddy on Fashion

“Style is personal,” says RR.  It’s not about brands. It’s about how you carry it. If you have the ‘Chutzpah,’ you can carry off just about anything…with a smile.

This of course, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t appreciate his designer wear.  RR’s specially built 5000 sq.ft. wardrobe houses the who’s who of the designer world – Manish Malhotra, Nikhil & Shantanu, Surily Goel, Aki Narula, Rocky S, to name a few.

Rohit’s tryst with fashion extends to business too.  A trail blazer in all that he does, he opened one of the 1st exclusive designer-wear stores, called Strip, in early 2000, introducing hi-end fashion to Hyderabad.  He was the 1st to bring in fashion shows to the city in partnership with Blender’s Pride.  He even walked the ramp for it.

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