2020: The Year of Changing Lifestyle

The majority of people are intensely waiting for the days of quarantine to end. Many of you might be planning to pay a visit to the nearby salon, go out for shopping or meet your friends and relatives. There is no need to rush headlong into your former lifestyle because life, my friends, won’t suddenly rehabilitate itself. You still need to remain cautious and take good care of your health because it indisputably is wealth.

I have been eagerly waiting for my next marathon run along with much other official work as a real estate developer. But, considering the current situation, I have had to ‘slow down’ some of my goals this year. I think there is a right time for everything. As for now, our current lifestyle requires tailoring.

  • Skip your vacation plans

What caused the Coronavirus to spread was people travelling from one country to another, which shaped it into a pandemic. Although the lockdown rules are relaxed, avoid planning any vacation for a few months. Remain home and stay safe until the world is sure that the risk is zero.

  • Maintain hygiene in public places

Openly coughing or sneezing in public was always a bad habit. Fortunately, the virus is teaching us to do better. Droplets through coughing and sneezing raised the number of cases all over the world. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or tissue or use your folded arm. Maintaining your respiratory hygiene will stop more than just this virus.

  • Don’t party in bars or clubs

It is natural for you to crave for fun with friends after so long. A 19-year-old Rohit Reddy might have been over-enthusiastic about it, but we all grow up. Hitting the next party at a café or club means crowded places, which is inviting the infection. Numerous asymptomatic COVID-19 cases imply the risks.

  • Remember to wash your hands

Just like respiratory hygiene, handwashing habit is a new change in the lives of many. It will help keep numerous diseases at bay. Keep washing your hands regularly, and keep your health in check. Prevention is better than cure.

  • Wear your face mask

I think face mask is still the best option a real estate developer can suggest. I have to meet a lot of people every day at work. Similarly, there are other industries where people work in large groups or interact with hundreds of individuals per day. Wearing face masks in such places can save dozens of lives. Refrain from dumping your extra or homemade masks.

  • House parties are a straight no-go

Social distancing is still not negotiable. Until the situation is under control and further effective procedures discovered, you won’t know who is infected. Keep away from inviting people to your home for parties. You will not only protect yourself but your family and friends too.

A few things in life can wait. A little change in lifestyle for the greater good causes no harm; it only improves us and everybody around us.