5 Wardrobe Essentials for a Signature Statement

Rohit Reddy on Attire

Fashion is unpredictable. What’s in vogue one day, is out the next. Style however is all together a different league. Despite the changing trends,there are a few wardrobes that never goes out of fashion. Here are few that I think will always make you look good no matter what the time or year.

Rohit Reddy in Hyderabad
A white shirt
There is very little that won’t go well with a white shirt. Let be for a formal meeting or a casual dinner, a white shirt is your rescue.

Rohit Reddy in Hyderabad
A suit
A suit could be the biggest investment for a man’s essential wardrobe, but its perfection lies in getting it tailored to your exact body measurements, ensuring a design that is unique and bespoke to only you.

Rohit Reddy - Signature One in Hyderabad
A kurta
Never go dressed untraditional for all those traditional days. Portray the desi in you with different styles of kurtas to choose from. Find the best one you are most comfortable in.

Rohit Reddy in Hyderabad
A navy t-shirt
Because it’s nice to roam around in your most comfortable clothing paired with a jean of your choice, on those casual breaks.

Rohit Reddy in Hyderabad
A Nehru jacket
Trace back to the Mughal years by owning a Nehru jacket which can look ethnic and at the same time casual when tastefully paired.


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