Dress Right When Working from Home During the Lockdown

One of the most noticeable lifestyle-changes the recent COVID-19 outbreak enforced is “work from home”. For some, it may be a better way than working at the office, but those who have to endure video conferences may not be of the same thinking; especially those who need to choose what to wear at home.

While many people might assume that there is no reason to get ready for work from home, it isn’t true. Even for a real estate developer, I cannot be the Rohit Reddy during official work I usually am at home. Waking up and dressing properly every day plays a vital role in keeping me active, happy and confident. In fact, it is the same for everybody. Maybe times are difficult, but you can always put some effort to dress right for work from home, just like you would while going to the office.

You may need a reason to dress up. How about a few?

Keep your body fresh and the mind will follow:

Even if you don’t have to go out, it is time to be productive. Once you have put on proper clothes, you will likely to decline your urge to lie on the couch and do nothing. Fresh, bright clothes offer a brighter mood, encouraging you to enhance your functioning ability.

Remember, dressing up doesn’t only mean wearing good clothes but also brushing and taking a nice shower.

You have the freedom of time to experiment:

You might have that one shirt or trouser which seemed too awkward to wear all this time. Well, you don’t have to wear it outdoors now. Why not try it out as your work-from-home outfit? Even if you make a fashion blunder, it will surely be forgotten.

Experimenting with clothes can also teach you what to buy once life is back to the normal. I have amassed a few new choices that will go with my personalities, be it Rohit Reddy as a business person or a new-generation fashion enthusiast.

Face-time ready always:

Almost every industry requires its employees ready for sudden video conferences. You cannot ignore this nor can you show up wearing vests and boxers. Dressing up for work from home is relatively easy.

Face-time usually covers only the top part of your body. In that case, all you need to worry about is putting on an appropriate top to appear in front of your seniors, clients or colleagues; unless you need otherwise. This will also bolster your image as a sincere worker.

In case you’re still not sure what might make you look good or make you feel active and fresh throughout the day, you can try these few ideas.

# Polo Tees: Polo shirts undoubtedly are work from home wardrobe-essentials. They are just as comfortable as a t-shirt and certainly more polished and smart.

# Smart Joggers: It has always been the home worker’s uniform. With trendy smart trousers available today, they are more than lounge wear and more street wear now. Just right for your “work from home” feeling.

# Plain Tees: Avoid wearing graphic tees, they are too casual for official work. A plain solid coloured T-shirt is just about right.