Law of Attraction is Real and It is the Key to Your Success

Do you believe in the law of attraction? It is said to be the universe’s most powerful law. It is always in motion, just like gravity. It might sound strange but it is working in your life at this very moment.

I’m a sceptical man. I don’t think that there is an easy way out. You are weaving your reality in every moment and are always in a state of creation. It isn’t completely philosophy, it is also science. The law of attraction is the key to your success, and understanding it is equally important. This is coming from experience because my journey from being the young, happy-go-lucky Rohit Reddy to becoming one of the best real estate developers was not as easy. This only became possible when I started wanting to do be what I am today. To be successful, you must desire it. But, that alone won’t pay the bills. Your desire must be lifted by your will and effort.

Your Thoughts Create the World around You

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create” – This powerful quote by Buddha reminds me every day that I am in charge of my life.

What you focus on is what you will attract. Whatever you put your energy and attention to, comes back to you. Your thoughts and feelings are made out of energy and vibrations. Every moment you spend on a thought is a moment built of energy, reaching out to the universe and asking for more. But, to maintain the balance, the universe does not play any role in choosing the best for you; it only reacts to the energy you are creating, offering you the same in return. This is just like spending time in the gym. You want to be fit and strong, and so you will be, but only after spending your energy and dedication into it. Every rep you complete is another step towards a sculpted body.

I didn’t become a real estate developer by relying on luck. There was a constant urge to climb a little higher, and even if I haven’t climbed the apex of my dream, I am one step closer. That very yearning drives me even today.

You must first believe that you will get what you want and then start working for it. Keep a positive expectancy in everything you do. It’s not always easy. At times you may feel troubled by different kinds of thoughts but your focus on your goal must not be lost. Everything you think, say or do is an affirmation; a declaration of who you are. Ask yourself what you want to be and act accordingly. A strong, positive attitude towards your work and actions will reflect the same positivity.

Set your goals and stay undeterred. Once all your doubts have been swept away, you will begin to see infinite possibilities. Allow your purpose to fulfil your dreams.