Live to Leave behind a Legacy – How will You Make Your Mark on the Society?

What will happen when you are gone? How will they remember you? Or, will you be remembered at all? Most people who are trying to achieve something good in life have such thoughts. These questions are scary, and the moment is even mind-boggling when you realise that you have no answers to it. Bound by everyday challenges of work, it can be difficult to spare some time, empty the mind, and think about the outcome of your life.

The idea of leaving behind a legacy is a desire or the need to be remembered, for all the contributions that we have made to this world. Sometimes, contributions can be so special that it changes the world around you. However, most of us will leave a modest legacy that may not alter the universe. It may only leave a lasting mark that will be remembered by all those people, whose lives we have touched.

How will you leave a legacy?

Everybody hopes that their lives matter in some way. Ironically, a person’s worth is only discovered when they are gone. What he or she did to be so memorable or meaningful to you is the legacy they left.

The recent demise of Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor came as a shock to almost the entire world. Why do you think that so many people across the globe were heartbroken? You’re mistaken to think it is because they were celebrities. Their awe-inspiring performances on numerous occasions and their contribution to the world of films is the legacy they left behind. What you do that impacts the lives of those around you will create your legacy. I don’t think we exist only to live, follow our daily routine, earn and spend money. There is more to an individual than themselves. Here is what you can do to leave your legacy.

  • Create – Whether you can sing, write, build or design, use those skills to create. Art can be a great way to convey your message to the world. Imagine Picasso and Da Vinci.
  • Be a role model – Behave the way you expect others to behave. Be yourself, be good, and do exemplary things not only for children but everybody you know.
  • Give – Perhaps one of the most substantial ways to be remembered is by learning to give. In a world where most people are selfish and only want to take, the art of giving for good and offering help to others will etch your name in society.
  • Inspire – When you’ve found your passion, achieved what you desire and are contented, share your secrets with others in need. It will ignite the same passion and zeal within them.

It is a terrible feeling when you’re older and reflecting on your life, only to find out that you have done nothing in all these years. For now, I am Rohit Reddy, a business entrepreneurwho is known well enough in the real estate development industry. It is equally important as to how will I be remembered when my days come to an end? Only by positive contributions to society.