What can you do to Help ease Coronavirus-induced Financial Pressure?

A few months back, one of my friends was looking forward to a promotion and a subsequent raise. Unfortunately, Coronavirus struck, and he lost his job. The company suffered losses, and his position as a sales executive was considered a burden for the firm’s development. This is not a single case. Whether salaried or in business, people from all walks of life are losing their source of income.

You must have heard about me. I am Rohit Reddy, one of the leading entrepreneurs and philanthropists in India. These days, the lack of business has brought deep lines on my forehead too. However, worrying about finances can only harm our mental health and well-being. I think that at such times, we have to support each other. Here are some tips to help people cope with their financial pressure.

Be kind

Losing a job or a loved one suddenly is a harsh reality. Use kind and assuring words to ward off the sadness, anxiety, and fear of uncertain financial status. If you know anyone who has lost his job, has lost an earning member in the family to the disease, or is encountering poor business, try to help. Financial aid for the child’s school fees, parents’ medicines, and more are ways to assist. Ordering essentials to be delivered to the family is another way to help ease them out of their critical condition.

Keep paying your domestic help

Imagine a day without your domestic help, gardener, or driver. Most of us are quite helpless when they are absent. The lockdown has kept many domestic helps bolted inside their homes. Now, they are helpless as they cannot work anymore. I request everyone who is reading this blog not to fire your domestic help. Keep paying them for all the months that they cannot come to work. You can ask them to use online payment wallets and transfer the money to their accounts. Ask them to come to your house for a few minutes so that you can pay for them.

You are probably thinking – Rohit Reddy, is a Business Tycoon. He does not understand poverty. If we are not sure about our jobs, how can we pay our maids? – Once my mother took me to a slum to see how people live there. The difference in the living standards shocked me.

Pay your help half the salary you used to. Remember, your little act of kindness can serve to feed someone the basic minimum.

Stay connected 

The fear of losing one’s job can be immense, and people are taking drastic steps, fearing that they will spend all their savings before they get a new job. Isolation and social distancing do not mean that you have to stay disconnected socially. Make the most use of video-calling and conferencing to let your loved ones know that you are there. Try to look for jobs for them by distributing their CVs. Your presence and support can lead a person out of depression.

It is difficult to predict what the coming months are going to be like. However, I can safely say that we have to keep handling this situation for longer than we wish. Lend your full assistance to those who need you and don’t lose hope.