Why We Are Never Satisfied With What We Have?

Happiness is a direct result of being satisfied with life for countless individuals across the world. Satisfaction is quite subjective and also seemingly unattainable to many people, at various stages of their lives. For most individuals, the quest for satisfaction is related to achieving the choicest material possessions. For others, inner peace and good quality of life seem to be enough. Some want to fulfil their ambitions at all costs. They do not rest before moving on to their next goal. Their quest for satisfaction is ongoing.

One such individual is me, Rohit Reddy, an ambitious second-generation entrepreneur with a holistic approach to life. I am a top young rising real estate developer responsible for various trendy ultra-luxury residences. But I am not satisfied with just professional success and recognition. I have a diverse set of interests that all move me closer towards the goal of satisfaction. If you can relate to me and want to know why we are seldom satisfied with what we already have, read on to gain some insight.

Why Satisfaction Seems Quite Elusive to Most of Us

  • We do not appreciate challenges – Challenges in life should not be frowned upon if you ever want to feel complete satisfaction. We should see challenges as opportunities to give our best and most honest efforts. For example, my career involved tackling many hurdles head-on. This was the path I took on my way to being considered as the best real estate developer by many. We must face every challenge with an open mind and renewed resolve.
  • Comparing ourselves to others – True satisfaction eludes many of us as we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. This has to stop at any cost if you want to feel content. When you compare yourself to others based on social standing or even quality of life, you are wasting your time. Do not enter the downward spiral of meaningless comparison and social peacockery. Instead, you should look up and do everything you can to chart the path for your success. For me, Rohit Reddy business achievements are more important than looking sideways at others in envy. Comparison is always counterproductive and can never lead to complete satisfaction.
  • Looking outwards for satisfaction – The world we live in today is filled with distractions in every direction, and patience is lacking in all of us. We have indeed become products of our environments, and rarely realize the true nature of happiness. It is high time to understand that satisfaction is a result of us making peace with our mind, soul, and emotions. That is the way to feel content and move quietly towards achieving our goals. If you want to make your business successful or bring about a revolution through your ideas, you need mental stillness first. Stop being distracted by everything and achieve satisfaction through sincere devotion and focus.

These are some key reasons why you cannot be satisfied in life. Get in touch with me to know more about my inspirations, struggles, and perspectives of life.