You are Your Creation and Every Good Creation Emerges out of Hard Work

Out of everything you create in this world, the first, largest and the most remarkable creation by you is yourself. You are something that you start building from day one, until your dying breath. Unlike other creations, it involves putting your best efforts every moment, every day. Few people tend to dive deeper into themselves in search of perfection. It happens because we believe that nobody or nothing can be perfect. While it may be true, this thought serves as a negative influencer, diminishing our vision and reducing the kind of effort we would otherwise foster.

However, I can tell you from my experience as a real estate developer that neglecting the idea of attaining perfection in anything you do cuts short your capabilities, resulting in below-average outcomes. To avoid this and instead move towards being the perfect version of you, you must bolster your willpower.

Take control

It isn’t easy to keep yourself motivated when you think you don’t have actual influence over the result. But, there is always a way out there. All you need is to figure out is how you can play an active role.

What is it that motivates you the most? There must be a fixed goal in your mind which you’re trying to achieve. It can be either the intrinsic motivators or extrinsic rewards that keep you inspired.

Intrinsic or personal motivation can be described as the things you enjoy doing because they hold meaning to you and show you the effects of your work. In terms of external rewards, think of factors like praises, awards and money.

Different people take inspiration from different things. However, it is essential to keep in mind that while extrinsic rewards can help boost a few areas of your performance, personal motivation plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of your performance as a whole. So, how can you boost your senses to create the best version of you?

Be curious: Keep an eye out for things that capture your attention. Things that drive you to learn more.

Strive for perfection: Just because you heard being perfect is a myth, you shouldn’t stop focussing on eradicating the flaws and polishing any element that makes you “you”. Life goals are challenging yet achievable. Accepting such challenges can be a great way to strengthen your will to succeed. Challenges nurture your interest and improve your self-esteem. By opting for the hard way, you will receive feedback on the areas you need to work.

Prepare for competition: Irrespective of what your goals are, you will always find others who are trying to attain the same. This very fact can make an individual lose heart inducing fear that the others are doing better, but it isn’t your reality. What should matter is how much effort are you putting into becoming what you want to be.

Do you think my venture from just Rohit Reddy to a business tycoon was free from numerous challenges? I reached my goals without comparing my progress to anybody else’s. I have looked up to some of the best real estate developers for inspiration and motivation, but always keeping in mind that we all have different paths.